Marianne (a_lost_marianne) wrote,

Yes for people who think about how to treat the earth good so that it can survive us, humans, a little bit longer!

Blah for people who spoil their kids rotten - who don't talk about what the kids "wish" for but for what they "ask" for - and give them every little thing. Kids need to learn from start that less is better. Kids need to get to long for things, and not ever recieve them, in order to appriciate the things that they do have more. Thats my idea of bringing up kids. Dare to let your kid be bored, get rid of the tv and the computer(s) and give them a sack of sticks to play with. They will you know. They will.

Blah for the western societies need of things which makes and creates warzones in other part of the world (like that thing in our phones that make them vibrates, millions of people in Congo has died over that scrap of metal..) Lets just not get phones that vibrates anymore, lets demand that this over-consumerism must stop NOW.

Yes for thinking about a way of living off the grid!
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