Marianne (a_lost_marianne) wrote,

Can't stop thinking about the crazy killings in norway.

How ONE man, a young person, can think it up, first to make a bomb from cow shit from his own farm, that he probably bought for just this purpose, and then put the bomb in the government building. Yes, I can imagine that if you're a terrorist and you want to kill something or someone the government building is probably the place for it....

But then to go get dressed in your police-suit, (a false one) and go out to an island where there is a socialdemocrats youth camp, and start to shoot all those kids....

92 kids dead.
7 people killed in the government bomb

Loads and loads of people scarred for life, mentally and/or physically.

There is no sense to it. No sense.

What can make someone hate so much?

Its so crazy, I read about the hopeless draft in africa, how people suffer and die from not having water, and no food, and millions suffering, but in a way it makes more sense because it's due to natural causes, it's for real, life is fucking hard, life in countries where the water is so scarse, it's so so hard. I feel so bad, thinking that these people are suffering but it's also the way it is.
And then the Norway shooting, it is caused by a person, these people didn't have to die, they had water, food and shelter, they were on holiday, doing something that they loved doing.
And they all die.

And then we get the artists who drug herself to death. I feel no pitty at all for that. I can't. I find that I am more jelous of her than anything else. She lived her life, crazy and fast and she was self destructing and eventually she died from it, but she did it her way, she didn't die from crazy weather conditions, or that someone came and shot her with a bullet or bombed her. She choose that way of life and she choose to die.

It's all random but I can't stop thinking about it all, it goes on and on in my head.

And in the middle of it all is love.
You need to feel love to feel empathy for all of them.
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